Chuyia Chia & Joakim Stampe

Chuyia Chia & Joakim Stampe, Co-Exist, Singapore

Chuyia Chia & Joakim Stampe at the International Performance Art Festival Infr’action Venice 2015


September 16th / Friday / 20:00-21:00
Fountain in Laisvės ave., S. Daukanto str. 18.

September 17th / Saturday / 15:00-17:00
Fountain in Laisvės ave., S. Daukanto str. 18.


Sweden-based artists Chuyia Chia and Joakim Stampe have been collaborating since 2010. The duo is negotiating and challenging a working relationship. Since both artists are from two different cultural backgrounds and values, they discuss and practice different formats to find balance and compromise of power and emotion.
Chuyia Chia is trained in painting, yet her curiosity has led het towards installation and performance art. At present artists’ individual work focuses on various current crisis issues, questioning resources, food and water politics, sustainability.
Joakim Stampe has also stepped away from the easel and is now one of the leading performance artists in Sweden. Images he conveys in his performance are based on the personal background as well as contemporary politics, intuitive and emotionally charged.


“A good image in this mode leaves no doubt concerning its reality as an action and its relation to a transforming process in the artist.” (Harold Rosenberg, “The American Action Painters” from The Tradition of the New, New York 1952).
For CREATurE Live Art in Kaunas Chuyia and Joakim will be building an image that they have not seen before, for a brief moment exchanging their different life experiences and touching up on them in their visual conversation.

I knew he/she was just waiting for me to stop talking so he/she could tell me how everything works, I’ll be damned, why should I then listen to him/her?