Hélène Lefebvre & Inga Galinytė

Hélène Lefebvre, Gatineau Fait Maison 2009, photo by Jackson Couse

Inga Galinytė, photo by Akvilė Matulaitytė


September 17th / Saturday / 20:00-22:00
Gallery “POST”, Laisvės ave. 51A.


Hélène Lefebvre (Canada) questions identity and the other, hot they are linked to art, nature, culture and society. Most recently, her work has expressed itself through performance, installation art and video. She has presented a number of exhibitions and performances in Canada (Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia), Europe and Latin America. She has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.

Inga Galinytė (Lithuania) has been experimenting with various materials, yet over the recent years she has found that her medium is the human body, while the form – performance art. According to Inga, it “opened up and helped understand a universal experience of a human being and convey the message to the audience members.”

Both of the artists are working with the phenomena of change and alteration. During her performances, Hélène practices / aims for a state of an intense awareness and consciousness, a revealing state. Inga is basing her recent research in the phenomenon the flow. In her work the flow manifests itself through repetition of actions, through a ritualistic rhythmical motion and pace.

“Performing requires that one finds a state of being that permits the performative. This state exists essentially as a dialogue between the visible and the invisible,” outlines Hélène in her artist statement.

“The search of authenticity and being in the process as well as on the journey – this is what embodies my everyday life and art practices, as well as transforms by body and soul,” as if responding in a dialogue, writes Inga in hers.

Both of the artists are exploring, inquiring, discovering the invisible in the everyday, and through their sensitive approach, opening it up to the audience. They both work on and with time, they are both committed to the pursuit of understanding and contextualizing, they are both open to the dialogue.


Hélène and Inga will be meeting each other live for the first time several days before their collaborative performance in CREATurE Live Art, although the preparative dialogue has started several months before. It is a rather challenging collaborative situation, yet for CREATurE it is a great pleasure to be able to provide both artists with the time for this experimental situation.

“In preparation for this festival one of the most important aspects becomes the creative process between two people, which is happening through a distance, communicating across continents, both through modern technology and telepathically. <…> What is going to happen when we meet at the same place, the same the and in the same creative environment?” questions Inga.

“The richness of performance lies in the search for the other, a human, an identity different in appearance from one’s own. This encounter provides the feeling of being outside of oneself and lets one know more about oneself than one realizes,” writes Hélène.

The artists are now working on Time, Being and the discovery of space between them.