Industrial Devolution

Industrial Devolution, photo by  Sandra Lange


September 17th / Saturday / 22:00-23:00
Gallery “POST”, Laisvės ave. 51A.


Industrial Devolution is a duo of a Man and a Machine from Estonia.

“Devolution is a deconstruction of evolution. Refusal of wasting life to market orientated education. Refusal of climbing over dead bodies while following blinding ambitions. Refusal of racing with progress. Spitting out an American-pie. Shitting out undigested products of future orientated civilization. Is this a story of a loser? Nope this is a story of survivor. „A Story of Survivor“ is an ode to that.”


I built a Machine.

Just a machine.

Not a slave.

Not a servant.

Not a toy.

Not an antropomorphic replacement of human.

Not a mechanism to compensate my insatiableness.

Not to reconstruct my childhood traumas and rest of usual Freudistic bullshit.

It is not even an extension of phallos. Ceci n´est pas un dick! This is a harsh poetry!