Jasmin Schaitl & William Bilwa Costa

Jasmin Schaitl & William "Bilwa" Costa
Jasmin Schaitl and William "Bilwa" Costa

Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa, collaboration:failure.

Tempting Failure Festival (2014).


September 17th / Saturday / 17:00-18:00
Gallery “POST”, Laisvės ave. 51A.


Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa (Austria) began performing as a collaborative duo in 2013. Since then they have been active throughout Europe and have performed in the US, UK and Mexico.
In addition to their duo performances, they direct inter-disciplinary group-performances, create video, photography and installation works, organize artist labs and have interest in further research through leading workshops. They often collaborate with choreographers, dancers, theatre-makers, performance, sound and visual artists.


Jasmin and Bilwa place equal emphasis on body, movement, sound, visual objects, and the use of materials in their performances. Their performances address the physical relationship between performers while exploring the correlation between and potentials of duration – ephemerality, proximity – distance, transformation – alteration as well as duality – unison. Their interest is to extract, reduce and compose the essence of an action visually, sonically and thematically.