Sandra Johnston & Alastair MacLennan

Sandra Johnston and Alastair MacLennan


September 16th / Friday / 18:00-20:00
Gallery “POST”, Laisvės ave. 51A.


Sandra Johnston and Alastair MacLennan  have been developing collaborative actions together since 2009. These duets occur only occasionally, but with great care and openness apparent in the relationship between both artists, sustained by a shared desire to keep the actions direct and responsive to the particularity of each circumstance. Their collaborative works allow both artists to explore, interpret, interrupt and subtly amplify aspects of their deep knowledge of the other’s visual forms and intentions. In this way, the collaboration is a delicate method for both to reappraise their working processes, whilst producing unique situations of connectivity and experimentation. The energy (inward/outward) experienced in the (space/place) simultaneously being what informs their actions.

For more information about each artist and about the workshop they are leading at CREATurE 2016, please read here.


For CREATurE, Johnston and MacLennan will make a collaborative action, engaging specificity of the gallery space, in particular, the movement of light through the architecture and the carefully observed, noted, transitioning of time. They will employ variations of a few ‘core’ actions, to physically ‘connect’ with each other, in offering changing perspectives on the space and giving a sense of continuous interior/exterior ‘adjustment’ taking place. Simple items will be altered and again reused gradually focusing on, through intimate touch and attention, various interconnections, to slowly emerge developmentally.