Share Alike / Alastair MacLennan & Sandra Johnston

Sandra Johnston & Alastair MacLennan

Open to (performance) artists in any stage of their career upon registration. Number of places is limited, participants are selected on the first come – first served basis.

To apply, please send an email to the email address indicated above, with a subject line Registration for workshop.

13th Sept 2016


Strategy and structure, tactility and improvisation, how does that all work in a duo situation in performance art? How do two persons work on a piece in real time, in real space, both being together and separate from each other? How do you know the answer to the gesture of the other while your eyes are covered with a ribbon? How do you orchestrate your movements while facing different directions?
The collaboration in performance art, as any other collaboration, is based on mutual trust and openness of attitude. Among the keys to the collaborative practice in performance art is the development of bodily alertness, evolving sensory awareness in interaction between the self and the other(s).
CREATurE Live Art Festival is glad and honored to announce this year’s exchange and learning opportunity: a full-day workshop ‘Share Alike’ on and about the principles of collaborative practice in the performance art situation, led by performance artists and educators Sandra Johnston and Alastair MacLennan.
The workshop is open to (performance) artists in any stage of their career upon registration, working language English. The number of participants is limited, participants are selected on the first come – first served basis.


Alastair MacLennan, one of Britain’s major practitioners in live art, is Emeritus Professor in Fine Art at the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster in Belfast. Since 1975 he has been based in Belfast and was a founder member of Belfast’s Art and Research Exchange. He is also a member of the European Performance Group Black Market International. During the 1970s and 1980s he made long durational performances in Britain and America, of up to 144 hours each, non-stop, usually neither eating nor sleeping throughout. Subject matter dealt with political, social and cultural malfunction. He currently travels extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, also America and Canada, presenting “Actuations”, term he uses for performance /installations.

Sandra Johnston is a Northern Irish artist working in the areas of site-responsive performance actions, installations and drawing. Since 2001 she has developed an extensive body of research exploring creativity in relation to the aftermath of social trauma, in particular issues of ‘contested space’ and empathetic communication.
The artworks are experiential in nature, based on processes of improvisation and assembled using mainly found objects. The actions arise as propositions, whereby, audiences directly observe gradual accumulations of images and the emergence of latent relationships. Gestures are offered as ‘provisional behaviors’, existing like relics salvaged from a forgotten moment – flawed, inexact and silent. Within these situations, the artist’s body is located as an entity arrested in its sparseness and mutability to change.