Performance Photography Workshop / Manuel Vason

London, United Kingdom; 2016.

PhotoAction, The PhotoPerformer (London, United Kingdom; 2016)

Hangzhou, China; 2015.

PhotoAction, The PhotoPerformer (Hangzhou, China; 2015).

Want to participate? Send us your photo portfolio online and a brief motivation letter in English before the 15th August.

15-18 Sept 2016


Performance art festival “CREATurE Live Art 2016” is launching an open call for participation in the workshop of performance photography, led by one of the most prominent performance photographers, Manuel Vason.

Throughout his career, London-based artist M. Vason has collaborated with over 200 international performance artists, such as Marilyn Arsem, Kira O’Reilly, Franko B, Ron Athey, Alastair MacLennan, Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter, Ernst Fischer, Martin O’Brien and others. His artistic practice is an exploration of the relationship and margins between the presence and representation,  which results in projects and pieces of a hybrid art form: the spectator is presented with performative icons and iconic moments of performance pieces. “I believe the function of the photograph is to mediate between the memory and perception, the virtual and the actual, the past and the present,” writes the artist.

More about the exhibitions, artist books and collaborative projects – in the website of the artist.


Workshop will be conducted in three phases. In the first, the theory phase, M.Vason will present some possible approaches in working with performance and live art documentation, based on his own experience in working with the contemporary performance artists. Main questions that will be touched upon are going to be the relation between the photographer and the artist, the division of the space, non-invasive approach towards the art piece and the limitations of the authorship.

The second, practice-based part of the workshop will take place during the “CREATurE Live Art” performance art festival: the participants will work in real situation of live art with the supervision of the workshop leader, which will take time to discuss, evaluate and select the material. Practice-based part of the workshop will take place during the 16-18 of September, the final discussion/evaluation will take place by the end of the 18th Sept.

Lastly the works will have a public exhibition: works, preselected by the participants and workshop leader will be exhibited in public spaces in Kaunas city in November 2016.

Participants are selected through invitation and by open call. Photographers, willing to participate in the workshop, are invited to send a link to their photo portfolio online and a brief motivation letter in English before the 31st August, outlining their motivation and their expectations for the workshop. Selected participants will be notified before the 7th September. The participation is expected throughout the whole duration of the workshop (15-18th September), participants selected via open call will be subject to a symbolic participant fee.