Jaras Ramūnas

Jaras Ramūnas, CREATurE Live Art 2014, Kaunas

photo by Karolina Černevičienė


Ramūnas Jaras – The Kings
September 15th, Friday / 21:10 – 21:50
Gallery “POST”, Laisvės ave. 51A


Lithuanian artist Jaras Ramūnas (b. 1975) is an avant-garde composer, multi-instrumentalist, writer and poet, probably one of the most eccentric artist in Lithuanian contemporary art scene. A graduate of the Vilnius Music and Theatre Academy, he is the person behind bands Echidna Aukštyn (rock, pop, rap) and ENDICHE VIS.SAT (avant-garde, noise, new age), has been organizing an annual festival of avant-garde music Didelis pasaulis! (transl. A Big World!), previously entitled entitled Sumirimas.

Jaras Ramūnas is well known for his collaborative work: his performances are often held along with performers of various ages (children, young adults). His performance itself might vary from a hysterical avant-garde sound action to a completion of a series of repetitive tasks. More often than not his actions, sometimes seemingly series of weird and senseless acts, translate as a critique of a bourgeois culture, as well as a sneer towards the usual, inert schemes of human behaviour and dynamics of the society.

Jaras Ramūnas is one of the most mysterious personas in Lithuanian art scene. It is claimed that the face of this artist has never been seen as his stage persona is always covered with a balaclava, which the artist refuses to remove even when tasting a biscuit.

The artist has presented his works in previous editions of CREATurE Live Art festival in 2014 and 2012.