Darina Alster (CZ)

Red Agent

Photo by Nora Martinez

Cluster Body

Photo Anna Baštýřová


September 7th

September 8th


Darina Alster is among the artist who sees themselves as author who clearly works with statement about the borders of limits of today’s world. The artist aims at disrupting conventionally perceived boundaries and opens the taboos which are crucial to the society. She is focused on the immediate social facts but also in to immutable givens of the human soul, archetypes and mystery.

In CREATurE Live Art 2018 Darina will perform twice: once her solo performance RED AGENT, and once – a collaborative piece CLUSTER BODY along with Jana Orlová.


Inner invasion of love outwardly manifests itself through the performance piece. Our bodies are mortal, our feelings are immortal. We create our future body through our emotions. There is no need for fear. Love on the edge of pain is spreading our soul to the entire word.


Two opposite parts of Psyche are fighting with ego. Two strong female archetypes in opposition which is their conjunction. Inner healing process. The tension of fight, the borderland between struggle and love of contrasting energies as the basic pulsation or the motivation of life. Transformation of fear through physical process.