Emalia Mattia (IT)

Out to Pasture


Photo by Marta Marinotti

Still from video performance

Video by Emalia Mattia


September 7th, 8th


Because trauma can be unspeakable and unrepresentable and because it is marked by forgetting and dissociation, it often seems to leave behind no records at all. Trauma puts pressure on conventional forms of documentation, representation, and commemoration, giving rise to new genres of expression, such as testimony, and new forms of monuments, rituals, and performances that can call into being collective witnesses and publics. It thus demands an unusual archive, whose materials, in pointing to trauma’s ephemerality, are themselves frequently ephemeral.

– Ann Cvetkovich, An Archive of Feelings:Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures.

Pain and the social inscription of gender into the body are central themes of Emalia Mattia’s work. Through autobiography, she explores the gendered body’s grief and the physical repercussions of trauma. Technically these result in performance actions through video, photography, and drawing. Her work is influenced by science fiction literature, country music, internet culture and the effects of digital communication on self intimacy. A few key concepts are: the creative use of shame, memory, solitude, regression, the absurd the inefficient, dead ends, the irrelevant and the impractical.