Gabriele Longega (IT)


Turin 2017

Photo courtesy of E-space

I’m Tired of Waiting

Milan, 2017

Photo by: Catherina Ragg


September 7th, 8th


As José Esteban Muñoz said “queer utopian performativity suggests another modality of doing and being that is in process, unfinished. […] The “should be” of utopia, its indeterminacy and its deployment of hope, stand against capitalism”, Gabriele’s work explores this utopian “not-yet” that allows them to play with the construction of gender and sexuality by questioning the concepts of temporality and spatiality.

Their performances through small actions and the use of found objects explores these theories with which hesitation, uncertainty and errors become tools to create new possibilities, utopias and alternative geographies. One of their last projects explored gay cruising spaces and how the (homo) sexual body relates to its environment, contaminating and fading into its surroundings.These become sites where normative languages and codes can be subverted.

Hiding, waiting, temporality, shame, heterotopia, castration, being childish: these are the concepts of their current works.