Jana Orlová (CZ)

Burning (Maglú 7)

Cheb Backyard festival, Czech Republic (2018)

Photo by Gallery 4

Cluster Body

Photo Anna Baštýřová


September 7th

September 8th


Jana Orlová (1986) is a poet and performance artist. She is focusing on dark side of the sacred, sexuality and magic and she is perceiving her body as the field of events. Performance for her is living poetry. Her poetic work is characterized by a combination of minimalistic form and raw statement.
In 2017 her poetry book Újedě was published, some of the translations of her poems are to be found here.

In CREATurE Live Art 2018 Jana will perform twice: once her solo performance BURNING (MAGLÚ), and once – a collaborative piece CLUSTER BODY along with Darina Alster.


Burn the evidence. Burn yourself. Will be using extracts from the Ancient Babylonian magic text Maglú (5th tablet) and create site-specific ritual for the festival based on the text. Take with you something that has a personal value to you and represents what you want to get rid of in your life.


Two opposite parts of Psyche are fighting with ego. Two strong female archetypes in opposition which is their conjunction. Inner healing process. The tension of fight, the borderland between struggle and love of contrasting energies as the basic pulsation or the motivation of life. Transformation of fear through physical process.