Otomo De Manuel / Ordinary Damaged Movements (FR)


Art Basel 2018


September 7th

September 8th


Otomo De Manuel is a proteiform artist: an actor, performance artist, director, author and musician. He is, as well, a graduate in film studies, a former student of the National School of Fine Arts of Nancy (FR).

In 1992 he created Cie MATERIA PRIMA Art Factory, which he directed for 23 years. With this company he staged a series of spectacles, actions, interventions and performances in a variety of different countries and international festivals.

In parallel he has as well developed a number of events pertinent to subcultures and artistic avant-guard. Otomo de Manuel has established alternative spaces such as Le Hangar (1997-2000) and T.O.T.E.M (2000-2015), a vast artistic wasteland, formerly located in the Eastern France. Alongside he was running Le Festival SOUTERRAIN Corps/Limites, which was an international festival focusing on body art, performance and body representation. Another line of his creative endeavours was The Amazing Cabaret Rouge, an avant-garde soirée and an experimental space for crossover between cabaret and hedonist ritual.

Otomo De Manuel is an active collaborator in a number of projects, wearing different hats: he is an actor, a director, an artistic director in theatre, dance, he also works with music bands and individual artists.

Over a number of years he is an important activist in Demeure du Chaos, a co-founder of Mouvement Charnel and Éditions de la Maison Close.

Under a monicker of ODM he is performing as a DJ, bass player and singer.

Since 2016 Otomo has focused on his research on body and performance, and has created a research unit Ordinary Damaged Movements. His first performance project “Oracles” was coproduced with the festival Éclat d’Aurillac, le Théâtre de l’Horizon theatre and Préavis de désordre urbain festival.

He is now an established figure in the avant-garde and underground scenes in France.

In CREATurE Live Art 2018 Otomo De Manuel will present two performance pieces.

A man dressed in black suit, his body divided in two by a black line: division of left and right hemispheres, the masculinity and femininity, a person and the others or the environment. A person as a border re-interrogates (their) identity and infringes the habitual.

What is the real nature of desire? What are its codes? What are you looking for beyond this carnal quest?
A creature straight out of a tale takes a hundred steps. As an oneiric prostitute, he solicits, he arouses a desire in us while posing an enigma. This enigma is the one of eternal void, impossible to fill.