Rocío Boliver (MX)

Majesty of Flesh

Defibrilator Gallery NP Balancing on the Edge Age (2014)

Curator Joseph Ravens

Entre La Menopausia y la Vejez

XV Muestra Internacional de Performance (2012), Mexico

Curator Carlos Jaurena


8th September


Rocío Boliver’s art practice is a sharp and focused critique of the many repressive ideologies that burden the lives of women. “In this pasteurised society, I prefer to cause disgust, hatred, rejection, confusion, weariness, anxiety, hostility, fear … to further promote mental asepsis.”

Since 2012, Rocío’s performances have focused on the ageing female body – a body, and a body of work, that she describes as Between Menopause and Old Age. Through a deranged aesthetic, with the use of absurd, grotesque and irony she aims to demystify the “horror” of an ageing female body, which is regularly censored and repressed by the society obsessed with the idea of endless youth.

From 1992 to date, Boliver has made performances in Mexico and in festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America, including Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, New York,  City of Women Festival, Slovenia, ]performance s p a c e[ in Folkestone, LADA and Steakhouse Live in the UK and others. She has recently been awarded the Scholarship for Promotion of Projects and Joint Ventures FONCA Cultural granted by National Council for Culture and the Arts.



Hemispheric Institute

Live Art UK

In CREATurE Live Art 2018 Rocio will not only present a performance piece, but also lead a 5-day performance art workshop “Think to Stop Thinking and Perform.” Go here to read about the workshop and register.