No surprise often performance art comes to stage with uncomfortable, yet important topics. Sometimes we refuse to see, sometimes we don’t want to admit, sometimes we don’t have another choise.

Dark CREATurE is coming in November, when nature drops all her colors and submerges in grey melancholic darkness. So do our minds. It is depression, negative experiences, traumas and phobias for some of us, our inner demons or horrors of surrounding world for others. It is natural state of being or a choise for one, while no way to escape for other. Some of us is dealing with it the whole life, some of us get inspiration from it, some find light. Lilia Scheerder says: “I am inspired not by what’s destroyed, but what continues on, no matter what. That what refuses to give up, refuses to die, and triumphs because of it.”

Three performances, three different approaches to DARK:

Kainulainen & Latva (FI)

Lilia Scheerder (NL)

Timo Viialainen (FI)

24/11/2018  7 p. m.- 9 p. m.

POST gallery (Laisvės av. 51a, Kaunas)