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Announcing another duo: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa

CREATurE is starting a new week with the presentation of one more duo: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa. Jasmin came to our attention in 2012 while CREATurE duo was performing in a performance art event in Tallinn (Estonia), in a factory formerly occupied by the Art Container collective. Given that in the last couple […]


Performance art duo [RED BIND] from Toulouse, France, has been in CREATurE’s focus for quite some time now: their videos were in the video program of the festival in 2013. Thus it is a great pleasure to be able to present this amazing duo in the festival edition 2016 live for two performances: one in the […]

Distance and Connections: Live Performance by CREATurE Duo

CREATurE as in the artistic duo of Daina Pupkevičiūtė & Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, is doing a warm up before the start of the festival. On the 30 th of July, Saturday, they will perform a “Limitless Distances” performance. Given that one of the artists is at present in Kaunas, Lithuania, while the other – in Lutherstadt […]



We’re glad to announce open calls to both of the workshops that will be held during this year’s CREATurE Live Art Festival. This year we are inviting artists in various stages of their career and working with different medias, but interested to experience a collaborative approach to the performance art, for a full-day workshop led […]

First participant duo of CREATurE Live Art 2016 announced

First participant duo of CREATurE Live Art 2016 announced CREATurE is starting to announce the lineup of the artists, performing in this year’s festival edition, 16/18 September. Let’s start with the United – Kingdom based performance art duo WEEKS & WHITFORD. Having travelled through some of the most interesting international performance art festivals, they are […]

creatureliveart.lt is back online!

After a minor re-structuring, the www is coming back online – about time, given that the next edition of the festival is approaching and is going to hit us in two months. For starters we are announcing that CREATurE Live Art 2016 is going to have two great workshops this year, one of them – […]

Winter CREATurE. Duration. 4×4.

Performance art platform CREATurE, to continue its series of yearly winter events, presents a four-hour long evening throughout which four artists will present four-hour-long works. Each of them was proposed to produce a work on any theme, with any means and materials of their liking, as an only reference having the framework of four hours […]