Joakim Stampe & Chuyia Chia : from the other shore of the Baltic

It’s merely a month left till CREATurE Live Art! Let us introduce you to a couple of Swedish performers Joakim Stampe and Chuyia Chia. They’ve pretty much travelled the whole world in these last several years, creating astonishing work in the streets and galleries, parks and pavements in near and far places – setting foot pretty much everywhere in Europe, and extending their horizons to other continents.

Joakim Stampe has visited Kaunas and performed in CREATurE Live Art 2013, in the crumbling halls of former shoe factory, then used as an exhibition and studio space, called Fluxus Ministerija. He has also given a workshop in the streets of the old town, introducing fellow artists and unaware citizens to water-painting in water, and, eventually, beer. Those curious are invited to check the verity of this fact in the photo gallery here.

We’ve been following the work of Chuyia Chia for quite a while, mesmerized by her intense works, engaged and engaging, reflecting the state of the world and silently raising awareness of those participating.

Read more about both of the performance artists and the concept they’re working around for their performance in CREATurE here.

Joakim Stampe’s and Chuyia Chia’s participaton in the festival has been made possible with the generous support of the Kulturkontakt Nord Mobility Fund.

Announcing another duo: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa

CREATurE is starting a new week with the presentation of one more duo: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa. Jasmin came to our attention in 2012 while CREATurE duo was performing in a performance art event in Tallinn (Estonia), in a factory formerly occupied by the Art Container collective. Given that in the last couple of years Jasmin is collaborating with “Bilwa”, it is a pleasure to be able to invite them for the upcoming CREATurE event, dedicated to collaborations.

A reminder to all interested but hesitant to apply for the performance or performance photography workshops, led respectively by Sandra Johnston and Alastair MacLennan and Manuel Vason:  there still are places available, be sure not to miss out on the possibility!


Performance art duo [RED BIND] from Toulouse, France, has been in CREATurE’s focus for quite some time now: their videos were in the video program of the festival in 2013. Thus it is a great pleasure to be able to present this amazing duo in the festival edition 2016 live for two performances: one in the gallery, and the other – in public space in the city of Kaunas. Exact spot of the performance in public space will be indicated at a later time, stay tuned.


Distance and Connections: Live Performance by CREATurE Duo

CREATurE as in the artistic duo of Daina Pupkevičiūtė & Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, is doing a warm up before the start of the festival.
On the 30 th of July, Saturday, they will perform a “Limitless Distances” performance. Given that one of the artists is at present in Kaunas, Lithuania, while the other – in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany, the performance will operate via online link.
“Limitless Distances” is a performance about longing, distance and connection. Constantly far from each other, but constantly working on CREATurE Live Art and performance, artists are discussing visually how their online long distance relationship works (“the distance in the terms of timespace deforms both the dialogue and the feeling. You know, it’s like photographic lenses of different lengths: all of them somewhat deform the fabric of the real.”).
Live performance will take place in “Meno Parkas” gallery in Kaunas, Lithuania, on the 30th June at 15:00. It will simultaneously run in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, in the studios of the artist residency “Route-Art-Rageous” by WB Motion.

Photo by FotoNuotekos.



We’re glad to announce open calls to both of the workshops that will be held during this year’s CREATurE Live Art Festival.
This year we are inviting artists in various stages of their career and working with different medias, but interested to experience a collaborative approach to the performance art, for a full-day workshop led by established performance artists and scholars from Northern Ireland, Sandra Johnston and Alastair MacLennan. More about the workshop and how to apply  – here.
Photographers in various stages of their career are invited for a four-day workshop led by acknowledged performance art photographer and artist Manuel Vason. More about the workshop structure and how to apply – here.
Do not hesitate to contact CREATurE team with your inquiries about both workshops.

First participant duo of CREATurE Live Art 2016 announced

First participant duo of CREATurE Live Art 2016 announced

CREATurE is starting to announce the lineup of the artists, performing in this year’s festival edition, 16/18 September.
Let’s start with the United – Kingdom based performance art duo WEEKS & WHITFORD. Having travelled through some of the most interesting international performance art festivals, they are coming to Kaunas to immerse the audience of CREATurE into a complex narrative of caring, ageing, disability, the grind of labour, love, sex, gender, jealousy, infidelity, sin and repentance, despair, hope, faith, ritual, healing and magic.
More about WEEKS & WHITFORD – here. is back online!

After a minor re-structuring, the www is coming back online – about time, given that the next edition of the festival is approaching and is going to hit us in two months.

For starters we are announcing that CREATurE Live Art 2016 is going to have two great workshops this year, one of them – on producing performance in duo situation, the other one – on (photo-) documenting performance art, open to (young) photographers willing to work in live art situations. More information about the second one, led by UK based artist Manuel Vason, and how to apply in order to participate, is already online. Share with those that might be willing to participate, places are limited!

Winter CREATurE. Duration. 4×4.

Performance art platform CREATurE, to continue its series of yearly winter events, presents a four-hour long evening throughout which four artists will present four-hour-long works. Each of them was proposed to produce a work on any theme, with any means and materials of their liking, as an only reference having the framework of four hours time.

The four artists participating in the project are:

Židrija Janušaitė is working in painting, installation, land art, video and performance, organizer of art events, active in Lithuanian and international art scene since 2007. Židrija’s work is defined by stillness: her performance opens up to an experience of intense meditative silence, which, being personal, is shared with whoever choses to enter the special timespace created by the performer.

Inga Galinytė : for quite a while has been working with the graphic design, experimenting with materials, over the recent years found that her medium is the human body, while the form – performance art, which, according to Inga, “opened up and helped understand a universal experience of a human being.”

Greta Bernotaitė is a graduate in communication and design, interested in art therapy and movement. For her four hour performance in Winter CREATurE she is going to work with the diaries she’s been writing and collecting for a period of three years.

Kristina Marija Kulinič entered performance art from her acting experience: she is studying acting and is working in the theater. It probably comes naturally that her acting experience raises questions on identity, as she seeks to understand what defines her, and what separates her and the images she is creating. Her working in and with time, provoking the inner act(ion)s, Kristina is exploring, rather than affirming. A thought, an action, an object – all of these are provocations, directed towards herself and towards the audience that chooses to experience and to explore (themselves).


Performance night “Winter CREATurE” will take place in “POST” gallery (Laisvės ave. 51A, 4th floor), on the 27th of February 2016, Saturday, from 5 PM to 9 PM.