CREATurE team is preparing for the festival while performing themselves

While summer is nearing the end, one of the CREATurEs, Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, is preparing a performance “A.A.” for the 30th of August, that will take place at 17.00 in the VDU menu galerija 101 (Muitinės g. 7, Kaunas).

Performance will be a part of the exhibition series “Today Before Yesterday” („Šiandien prieš vakar“), which is organized as a commemoration of a Lithuanian painter Arūnas Vaitkūnas (1956-2005) and in order to celebrate twenty years of the Painting Studio (now – Department of Painting) in the Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Department.

A. A. (Eng. R.i.P.)

I woke up at 4.00. This time has always been very special to me. A time when I was haunted by demons of inquietude or those of fear, thoughts of loss and bereavement. During those hours in between the night and day the gap between “there” and “here” would somehow grow narrower. An abyss would open or sometimes – a certain depth.

I lost many this year: my grandfather, a very close friend, the father of A. Since spring I am bearing the feelings of death and of birth, and all has become so near, so real and so fragile.

I am remembering Arūnas Vaitkūnas, may he rest in piece, the encounters that have changed my life. I am thinking of miraculous moments, of special places and exceptional people, about those meetings that happened to be our last, about kites, about fruit, about freedom and solitude.