Before CREATurE Live Art festival CREATurEs are performing internationally

One of the two CREATurEs, Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, has performed a strong white – and – red piece on Tuesday, and another one – Daina Pupkevičiūtė – is preparing for a performance on Sunday.

liquid presences

performance ‘liquid presences’ originates in the need to talk about the connection between people, each one being a universe themselves, through my personal journey – that of an artist and a human being, a physical and artistic one, the one of growth and experience, touching the past and the present timespaces.
liquidity here becomes a way of experiencing the presence, which is scattered between the timespace of nostalgia, the mediated / online selves and the ever-changing present.
by setting foot in three different locations, one of my childhood, one that has turned my life upside down, and one that i associate with what I am becoming, I am trying to meditate on how spaces and presences change us, what influence they have on relationship we have with ourselves, with the other and to the space, as well as to discuss the virtual v/s “real” presence, to explore the limitations of presence that are set by the mechanisms used to mediate the self.

first presence
time :  2016 sept 4 / 18.30 local time / 16.30 (UTC + 00:00)
location : confluence (santaka) / kaunas / lithuania / the town i was born in
the first presence is taking place live in kaunas, is available for spectators on location and online globally

second presence
time : 2016 sept 7 /  19.00 local time / 18.00 (UTC + 00:00)
location : lungo po n.machiavelli (discesa via cesare balbo) / torino / italy / a place which opened a door
the second presence is taking place in torino, italy and is available live for spectators on location and online for the visitors of the Bristol Biennial

third presence
time : 2016 sept 9 / 19.00 local time
location : the marina / bristol / united kingdom / a place of becoming
the third presence is me being present in the physical sense in the Bristol Biennial, as compared to the two previous online presences, is available for spectators on location only

The performance is part of the Bristol Biennial 2016. The project is implemented through a collaboration of Bristol Biennial, Torino PERFORMANCE ART and CREATurE Live Art. The project is possible with the kind support from the Lithuanian Culture Council.