Presenting Kainulainen & Latva and updating

The days of the festival are approaching fast, thus we’ll speeding up with the updates of the CREATurE Live Art.

Please welcome Katri Kainulainen and Maximilian Latva, Finnish (as in Finland, not to mix up with “finish”) performance artists. You’ve / We’ve met them before, although more than a year ago: they were participating in a “Winter CREATurE” event in 2015. What we remember of that night, was the intense word-less dialogue between the two artists, using the entire space of the POST gallery, leaving us intrigued, hurt, confused, raising many thoughts and questions to all that attended. Read more about them here.

We’re also happy to note that both workshops – collaboration in performance (by Sandra Johnston and Alastair Maclennan) as well as performance photography (by Manuel Vason) – are nearly filled, just a couple of places remaining. If still interested – please do not hesitate to check out the workshop page.

Finally, the schedule is being put together and you’ll be able to plan your three days at the festival in no time.