Round-ups, breaks, new beginnings, who knows

We didn’t manage to write anything, coherent or not, for the end of 2018, nor for 2019, but now it’s as good as ever a moment to do it. CREATurE has been around since 2011 (for those inside the team) and since 2012 (for those following us), and in 2018 it saw its 7th edition. To tell the truth, after the 6th edition, as more and more life events were making this venture ever harder to manage in a sustainable way for the people running it, the break was discussed. However, as it often is with the things we love most, it was difficult to make a decision to break or conclude.

What, it seems now, was our mission all of this time was to carve a space for performance art in the place we were at. What comes with making time-space-body based art is an intimate exchange and an encounter for all involved. We felt it lacking in our here-nowness (then-there-ness) and decided it best to make it happen instead of waiting for somebody else to do it for us.

And so we did, learning each step along the way, and sharing our care, time, food and energy with a variety of people, many of which have been those we were looking up to,  those we were learning from, most of which have become our dear friends. Now and again our paths cross in different places of this tiny continent, and this gives a sense of being part of this imaginary community of sorts. Which is a good feeling.

2019 is coming to an end, and albeit both of CREATurEs (Daina and Vaida) are involved in teaching as well as all sorts of other performance-related practices, we didn’t organise the big edition of CREATurE festival this year. Mostly this halt is due to exhaustion – most of those that have tried organising events, know what it takes for an event to happen. And although with CREATurE it has always been what-is-called the labor of love, priceless and wonderful experience, it also meant half a year of intense work and half a year of recovery next to dayjobs, academic endeavors, creative practice and just plain life – cooking, childcare, cleaning and sleep. This is all something most of us know just too well, however, at some point all of this might become too much or just no longer sustainable. All in all, after CLA 2018 – the big edition and the Dark – a break was due.

We are not sure what is the duration of the break, and it is possible that rather soon-ish smaller CREATurE events will happen, but for now we thank all those that find time to notify us about their ventures, as well as those that pop in when passing through LT. We miss so many of you.

We would also like to inform those sending in letters-of-interest that no call will be out in the upcoming months, or none that we’d know of. Do not hesitate to follow us on FB, we often share things there, and we check out work of most of people that connect with us there.

In the meanwhile, we’ll be learning more sustainable of being in this world, which involves not only caring for others, the community and the planet, but also taking time for our scattered selves. Thanks for the time and space you’ve all shared with us through the years, lets keep up with the ephemeral work.