CREATurE 2018: excuses and festival dates

CREATurE’s been away for way too long. We tell ourselves that all projects – big and small – experience a breakdown and incapacity to manage their websites. But it might also be just something we’re telling ourselves to feel better. In the meanwhile, since the last post and now, we’ve been working on things. So before we go straight down to festival dates, there’s this.

First. Catalogue

By the end 2017 we managed to release a CREATurE catalogue. It contains works that were performed at CREATurE 2012 – 2017 (sadly, due to the quality of some photo material, not all of them). Our goal is to distribute the catalogues to those that have performed as well as to the libraries or reading rooms. However, due to our lack of finances, we can only distribute as much as we can hand in/out directly. 

Therefore it travels really slow. So if you have participated in CREATurE sometime before and would like to have your copy, contact us and we can come up with something.

Second. CREATurE Live Art festival

Since start 2018 we were working on the festival. As always, we are subject to external funding, the results of which came in only on the very end of May. And this, as usual, leaves us with only 3 months to carry out the project. But CREATurE 2018 is confirmed to take place on the 7/8 September 2018. It will be shorter (performances will take place in two days, Fri and Sat), condensed and will end with a party. Yes, we missed partying and post-festival parties are simply the best.

In the upcoming weeks we will inform you about the theme of this years festival and confirmed participants. We will also soon announce the call for the performance art workshop led by one of them. Seriously, can’t wait! Hope you too.

Third. Outdoor performances

A thing CREATurE has been thinking about for some time, was performing outdoors with as little as possible organizing work. A “trial version” of this was us coordinating a collaborative performance session during another event in Kaunas. Which sort of led or didn’t, as the idea was developped simultaneously by both CREATurE persons, to ORO – public space performance meetings in Kaunas, the first of which is taking place today. Big day!


Full artist information is finally online

Let’s welcome the last weekend of summer with the last updates about the participants. From now on online information about two unique duos is available.

One of the two is the duo of a Man and a Machine from Estonia, Industrial Devolution. We are intrigued for various reasons, one of those being the fact that it’s going to be an industrial sound performance. We have known the Man part of the duo since the very first CREATurE Live Art, thus this is a second reason for being intrigued. Then there are plenty of others.

Same goes for the second duo we’re presenting today : Canadian / Lithuanian collaboration between Hélène Lefebvre and Inga Galinytė. CREATurE proposed them to try this collaboration which started some months ago online and will continue and take (live) form once they meet in Kaunas.

Line up being complete, we are preparing the schedule to let you all performance lovers prepare for your weekend-out-with-performance-art.


Joakim Stampe & Chuyia Chia : from the other shore of the Baltic

It’s merely a month left till CREATurE Live Art! Let us introduce you to a couple of Swedish performers Joakim Stampe and Chuyia Chia. They’ve pretty much travelled the whole world in these last several years, creating astonishing work in the streets and galleries, parks and pavements in near and far places – setting foot pretty much everywhere in Europe, and extending their horizons to other continents.

Joakim Stampe has visited Kaunas and performed in CREATurE Live Art 2013, in the crumbling halls of former shoe factory, then used as an exhibition and studio space, called Fluxus Ministerija. He has also given a workshop in the streets of the old town, introducing fellow artists and unaware citizens to water-painting in water, and, eventually, beer. Those curious are invited to check the verity of this fact in the photo gallery here.

We’ve been following the work of Chuyia Chia for quite a while, mesmerized by her intense works, engaged and engaging, reflecting the state of the world and silently raising awareness of those participating.

Read more about both of the performance artists and the concept they’re working around for their performance in CREATurE here.

Joakim Stampe’s and Chuyia Chia’s participaton in the festival has been made possible with the generous support of the Kulturkontakt Nord Mobility Fund.

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