Announcing artists participating in CREATurE 2017

Year 2017 here is more hectic than usual – with Kaunas having announced the pursuit of the European Capital of Culture 2022 title, and then being awarded it, a boost amongst the cultural operators is expected and the first things from under the wing of ECC 2022 are already coming to live. This is a great news for Kaunas, which in recent years has invested rather a lot into the growth of culture and arts, thus working on sustaining and evolving the permaculture of this city. Sure enough, all these developments give us, meaning CREATurE 2017, new thoughts about identities and change, but we stick to the idea that change is the only permanent thing in this universe.

Change and challenge, a global one, is one of the things that has inspired this year’s theme at CREATurE Live Art. How is performance art dealing with great challenges to the human existence, such as humiliating regimes of oppression, cynical destruction of culture and arts, denial of main liberties, such as freedom to move, freedom of speech, freedom of thought? What strategies in visual arts are applied once all of this is changed again – by a new state of thought, by a new political design, by a new regime, maybe the one of freedom? These and many surrounding questions are the ones that we are asking ourselves and other artists that have been working and living in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania. So yes, this year it is very much about politics and the political, a body as an instrument of, again, resistance and reflection, and performance as a political act which is an equivalent of freedom of speech.

We are very happy to announce the following artists invited to present works in CREATurE 2017 (in a short while you’ll have more information about each of them in our Artists section)::

Andrey Kuzkin (RU)

Ani Zur (UA)

Arti Grabowski (PL)

Irina Lavrinovič & Asher Lev (LT / IL)

Janusz Bałdyga (PL)

Maria Kulikovska (UA)

Marta Bosowska (PL)

Mikhail Gulin (BY)

Olga Kroytor (RU)

Ramūnas Jaras (LT)

Waldemar Tatarczuk (PL)

Wolodymyr Topiy (UA)


Full artist information is finally online

Let’s welcome the last weekend of summer with the last updates about the participants. From now on online information about two unique duos is available.

One of the two is the duo of a Man and a Machine from Estonia, Industrial Devolution. We are intrigued for various reasons, one of those being the fact that it’s going to be an industrial sound performance. We have known the Man part of the duo since the very first CREATurE Live Art, thus this is a second reason for being intrigued. Then there are plenty of others.

Same goes for the second duo we’re presenting today : Canadian / Lithuanian collaboration between Hélène Lefebvre and Inga Galinytė. CREATurE proposed them to try this collaboration which started some months ago online and will continue and take (live) form once they meet in Kaunas.

Line up being complete, we are preparing the schedule to let you all performance lovers prepare for your weekend-out-with-performance-art.


Presenting Kainulainen & Latva and updating

The days of the festival are approaching fast, thus we’ll speeding up with the updates of the CREATurE Live Art.

Please welcome Katri Kainulainen and Maximilian Latva, Finnish (as in Finland, not to mix up with “finish”) performance artists. You’ve / We’ve met them before, although more than a year ago: they were participating in a “Winter CREATurE” event in 2015. What we remember of that night, was the intense word-less dialogue between the two artists, using the entire space of the POST gallery, leaving us intrigued, hurt, confused, raising many thoughts and questions to all that attended. Read more about them here.

We’re also happy to note that both workshops – collaboration in performance (by Sandra Johnston and Alastair Maclennan) as well as performance photography (by Manuel Vason) – are nearly filled, just a couple of places remaining. If still interested – please do not hesitate to check out the workshop page.

Finally, the schedule is being put together and you’ll be able to plan your three days at the festival in no time.