Participants of CREATurE 2018 and updates

The edition of CREATurE Live Art 2018 has been marked by tumultuous changes and intense exchanges.  Finally it seems we are ready to confirm and to present the list of participating artists. We are happy, honoured and blessed to be working with and to be able to present to our wonderful audience these amazing artists:

benjamin sebastian

Darina Alster

Emalia Mattia

Gabriele Longega

Jana Orlová

Karolina Kubik

Luke Jordan

Otomo de Manuel / Ordinary Damaged Movements

Rocio Boliver


In the framework of the festival CREATurE is continuing it’s venture of performance education. The call is still open to those willing to participate in the workshop led by Rocio Boliver (in which places are still available, so do get in touch if in doubt). Participants of the workshop will work for a week and present their findings during the first day of the festival.

The festival is approaching with the speed of light, we feel the shiver! Right now on our list of to-do and to-solve are the following questions:

  • how to extend a pole which is 3 m. long to 4 m.?
  • should we build a stage from wooden panels?
  • what’s the fastest way to clean yeast-like matter from the floor?
  • do we need a smoke machine?
  • how does one build a bar?
  • ice or no ice?

As you might have guessed, CREATurE is preparing to have a Saturday night party this year. It is suggested to wear either whatever, or whatever you wouldn’t on any other occasion.